Origins of Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods

It is understood that dogs have evolved over millions of years on a natural raw diet and that highly processed foods are not biologically appropriate and may cause many health issues in domestic pets.

Biologically appropriate feeding is the practice of feeding pets, namely dogs and cats, a diet primarily of meat and high quality protein and organs. The biologically appropriate concept has since evolved to incorporate not just raw foods but also responsibly prepared cooked pet foods.

Accredited member companies of The Biologically Appropriate Pet Food Association should comply with the 8 Standards of biologically appropriate pet foods to ensure the philosophy and foundation on which this concept was built, is maintained. These principles are also the basis for the biologically appropriate standards. Today, many pet food companies comply with the biologically appropriate standards and in doing so are committed to enhancing the quality of pet foods and as a result providing an optimal quality of life for pets.

There are significant data and evidence indicating the benefits of biologically appropriate pet foods. Health benefits include a healthier skin, shinier coats, higher energy levels, smaller stools, and better oral health.