About us

The Biologically Appropriate Pet Food Association was established to promote the standards of excellence in the pet food industry. The Association was developed by a team of pharmacists and pet industry experts, help to maintain quality and the highest possible principles for biologically appropriate pet food.

Mission Statement 

The mission of The Biologically Appropriate Pet Food Association is to promote excellence in the development of the pet food industry through:

  • Promotion of responsible preparation of raw and prepared pet foods in the pet food industry
  • Assessing qualifying biologically appropriate pet foods and offering endorsements for qualifying products
  • Active promotion of the benefits of biologically appropriate pet foods for dogs and cats.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of The Biologically Appropriate Pet Food Association shall be:

  1. Promotion of raw and prepared biologically appropriate pet food and the interests of The Association members.
  2. Evaluate and consider all aspects of the pet food industry, from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing processes, labelling and finished product quality.
  3. To cooperate and liaise with other bodies within the pet industry and wider organisations including governing bodies.
  4. Foster a synergistic relationship within the members of The Biologically Appropriate Pet Food Association and ensure compliance of our expected standards of pet food.
  5. To promote knowledge and learning in the pet food industry, not only of prepared pet foods but also of raw pet foods.
  6. To promote the responsible ownership of companion animals
  7. To offer information and advice on biologically appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats

We would love to hear from you with regards to any aspect of biologically appropriate approved products. If you have a query we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Biologically Appropriate Pet Care Hotline: 1300 881 730 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday EST).