Local Regional Ingredients

Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods must be blended using at least 95% of the formulation with locally sourced ingredients. It must be noted that the meat inclusions must be 100% locally sourced. All suppliers must also be fully accredited.

There are many benefits of locally sourced ingredients including:

1. Seasonally ripe ingredients - The best time to source ingredients are when they are ripe and ready. Instead of shipping prematurely picked fruits and vegetables, sourcing fresh, local ingredients from farmers markets is recommended.

2. Higher nutritional content - The period between harvest and pet food production is integral to pet food quality. The less time storing raw materials, the higher the nutrient content. Sourcing locally ensures lower transit times and storage, leading to better food quality.

3. Palatability - Dogs and cats enjoy the taste of fresh, quality ingredients. Their sense of taste is highly developed and using local ingredients is very important. This is especially the case with meat suppliers, with biologically appropriate pet foods needing 100% locally sourced meat inclusions in dog and cat foods.

4. Supporting local farmers - Money invested in farm-fresh ingredients gets reinvested into the local community and therefore supporting local farmers and businesses.

5. Minimising environmental impact - Helps protect local farmland and agricultural services in your local community.

6. Better ingredient transparency - Speaking to farmers about the food supply sheds light on how the food was grown and who was responsible for this process.

7. Safer pet food - By minimising the shipping, handling and storage, you achieve better safety outcomes for your pet food.

By supporting local farmers and suppliers, not only does the immediate community benefit, but the food quality that dogs and cats enjoy is also vastly improved.